Creating One Device for Multi Media

March 8, 2018
Azadeh Mohammadi Kangarani & Michaela Bartoňová
At Prague College, Czech Republic
This workshop was for those who were interested in the process and progress of an artistic multi media production. Michaela Bartonova and I shared our experience on how we worked together for our multimedia production ‘To Somewhere Else’At Prague College, Czech Republic
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Living The Scene 
Here And Now

One day master class "Living the Scene Now and Here", was designed to show both directors and actors how to work together and to go through immediate and effective experience, and how to get involved with the truth of the emotions in the scene. This method teaches the actors how to live in the moment, and to the directors how to help their actors to stay in the moment of the scene which is essential for film acting. The workshop also focuses on helping the actors to listen to their partners, to make the lines of the script personal, and to live ‘Private in Public’.
September 20, 2015
Azadeh Mohammadi Kangarani
Kolowrat Theatre, Prague l

Modhesh Summer Camp
Theatre Workshop

In the two-week Modhesh Summer Camp Workshop, I coached two age groups, 2-5 and 7-11 year-old children. The goal was to create a theatrical performance with the theme of ‚‘PEACE. ‘ First of all, children had to come with ideas about their definition of PEACE. I helped them picturing a city in peace and also whatever comes to their mind when they think about this word. Step by step, children built up a story about a town that went through many positive changes when PEACE was established among its inhabitants. Children acted the characters they created and created the story from the beginning to its end.
July 2011
Azadeh Mohammadi Kangarani
Dubai, UAE
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