A disaster! A piece of ART? A big white painting raises major questions for three long-term friendships. A big surprise when one of the three friend buys a piece of modern art for 600000 Pound, doubts and questions: Why friends for 15 years? A comedy which carries a touching story and funny moments between three old friends. This revival of comedy by Yasmina Reza is adapted for three women, performed in English with students of acting at Erasmus program at DAMU, Retizek Studio.

By  Yasmina Reza
Director  Azadeh Kangarani 

Milla Hike
Marta Taborda
Rita Liberal

Set and costume designer  Elisa Birds & 
Nitish Jain
Light   Jalil Fotouhinia 
Sound Mix Morvarid Ramezani 

Retizek Studio, Prague, The Czech Republic
© 2021 Azadeh Kangarani
All rights reserved
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