To somewhere Else

To Somewhere Else is a multimedia production featuring digital drawings projected live onstage, and live music performed by drum, accordion, trumpet and other instruments that underline dramatic moments of the story. The performers, with their interaction and commitment, complete this ‘dance’ of incongruous elements.

The story is primarily inspired by the historical events around 1737 when some of inhabitants of Moravia and Bohemia undertook the harsh journey into the exile of the Rixdorf District in Berlin to look for a quiet and secure place and to find basic freedom to live, work and believe in something. It tells the story of liberty, persecution, violence and building up. And of finding the way to the other that leads to the hope that everything makes some kind of sense.
Development of Idea Azadeh Mohammadi Kangarani, Michaela Bartoňoná 
Director Azadeh Kangarani
Live Drawing Michala Bartoňoná
Performers  Dagmar Spain and Ralf Lücke
Music Zabelov Group- jan Šikl & Roman Zabelov

Opening night at Goethe-Institute Prague
The production was toured in various cities in the Czech Republic, Germany, and Switzerland
© 2021 Azadeh Kangarani
All rights reserved
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