A moment of silence

The unexpected take on a story, both funny and dramatic, about what had happened to Iranian nation following the Islamic Revolution in 1979, as seen through the eyes of a peculiar family. A writer tries to make sense of the circumstances after the revolution all under a threat to his personal life by some anonymous individuals and communities. The play unveils a reality of some condition people went through in their lives. Conditions that you might never had the chance to hear of through the window of TV news or political statements. 

Director  Azadeh Kangarani 
Dramaturge Julek Neuman 
English Translation from Farsi  Torange Yaghiazarian

Sohrab, writer Peter Hosking
Hasti, Sohrab’s wife  Katerina Veckerova
Shirin  Julie Gibson
Writer  Peter Hosking
Sheida Azadeh Kangarini, Rebecca Riisness
Jimmy Curt Matthew
Shiva Veronika Bellova
Jared Doreck
Nicole Adelman
Michal Pochna

Set design  Jan Tereba
Costume design  Olga Ermakova
Stage Manager   Michal Pochna

Disk Theatre, Prague, Czech Republic
© 2021 Azadeh Kangarani
All rights reserved
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