Havel's Letter To Husák:
Still An Inspiration, 40 Years On

This program was produced for the 40th anniversary of the Havel's Letter to Gustav Husák. On 8 April 1975, Václav Havel sent an open letter to Czechoslovakia's President Gustav Husák. The letter was to become one of the key documents of dissent during the period of "normalization". It outlined the creeping fear, apathy and humiliation faced by Czechs and Slovaks amid the cultural stagnation in the first years after the Soviet-led invasion of 1968.
This single radio program is a roundtable discussion with Barbara Day and Viera Langerová, who have both studied Havel's work closely, and Omid Nikfarjam, a Prague-based Iranian journalist and translator.
Producer and Moderator Azadeh Kangarani
Interviewee Barbara Day, Viera Langerová and Omid Nikfarjam

Broadcasted from Radio Prague International
Link to Radio Prague International 
© 2021 Azadeh Kangarani
All rights reserved
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