Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me

An Irishman, an American and an Englishman are kidnapped and held hostage by an unknown organization in Lebanon. "Someone who’ll watch over me" by Frank McGuinness is being presented for the first time at Švandovo divadlo with cooperation of 6th "Nad Prahou půlměsíc" in Prague. Come and see the roller coaster journey of three men through their hopes, memories, fears and laughter in a dark cell in Beirut.. The story is inspired by a true event from 1980s. The play narrates the story of tribulations, misunderstandings and overcoming conflicts. Will the characters manage to survive?
Producer and Director Azadeh Kangarani
Dramaturgy Azadeh Kangarani & Julek Neumann

Curtis Matthew
Michael Pitthan
Gordon Truefitt

Set and costume designer Vasylyna Kharchevka
Stage Manager  Kevin Chio

Švanda Theater, Prague, Czech Republic
© 2021 Azadeh Kangarani
All rights reserved
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