Theatre has always been a big part of my life. It has been an excellent tool for my intra and intercultural communication in different countries and cities I lived in. I grew up in Iran, spend a few years in Dubai, UAE, and a decade in Prague, the Czech Republic…and who knows, maybe soon will be somewhere else!
I have encountered people from different races, social classes, and various cultural backgrounds. Since the theatre is an art that explores pure human energy, it is one of the best tools in a multicultural context to understand each other better. As a theatre practitioner, when there are words required to communicate, I use words. When action is needed, I use action. When dance, music, prose, or verse are necessary, I use them. I want to GIVE and RECEIVE in any context I live in. I love and respect human interaction.





Adaptation of Troilus and Cressida with the collaboration of Julek Neuman, Stage Play
What about my face? Stage Play
If Not, What if..? Dance Performance
Adaptation of A Marriage Proposal by Anton Chekhov for radio

LEts talk

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